Vinnie Donatelle
(952) 451-2427
681 17th Ave NE Suite 119, Minneapolis, MN 55418
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Shop hours are by appointment only, please email us to set up a shop tour! [email protected] or call 952.451.2427.

Membership is $175 a month. Artists bring art, emulsion, paper/materials to print on, screens/other printing materials.
We provide presses, squeegees, wash-out booth, emulsion scoops, drying racks, screen racks, scrap paper, rags, emulsion remover, exposure unit, flat drawer and other storage space, some paint--all in a friendly environment.
Members sign membership agreements and liability waivers; are provided with keys to access building when needed; and are asked to sign in and out and keep the studio in order.
We also hope all members will attend member meetings about once a month and contribute to and assist in running group shows (Art-a-Whirl, Holiday Market, Open Casket, and other Casket Arts events).

For membership information, call Maura 202-952-9961

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